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Alumni Connect

Dear Domínico-Americano School Alumni,

You have graduated and moved on to pursue new and diverse life goals. We are proud of our alumni and keep you in our highest regard, as you will always be a part of our history. 

We created this page with the intent to consolidate our bond to the alumni community. We hope that you enjoy your visit and invite you to reach out to us any time.


School Administration


We cordially invite you to our events:

  • Campus Tours & Open House
  • Annual Carnival Gala
  • Field Day
  • School Fairs and Special Events
  • ICDA Expositions and Events

Ways in which you can collaborate:

  • Be a Guest Speaker
  • Join us for Career Week
  • Build Partner Internship Opportunities
  • Collaborate with School Clubs
  • Serve as an event judge or moderator
  • Share your own initiatives
  • Work with us