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Accreditations and Memberships


The Domínico Americano School (DAS) has met the criteria for educational quality and is accredited by the Cognia Global Commission.  Previously known as  AdvancED (NCA CASI, SACS CASI, and NSSE).

Our current accreditation certificate, granted by Cognia (under AdvancED), is valid through June 2024.  The school has held this accreditation since 2001 and is committed to continuous improvement and offering quality educational services for our students.

DAS maintains an active membership with the Tri-Association and the Association of Colombian-Caribbean American Schools (ACCAS). DAS is also recognized under the education laws that regulate the operation of private schools in the Dominican Republic: Asociación de Instituciones Educativas Privadas (AINEP) and the local Ministry of Education. DAS is also part of The National Honor Society (NHS), an organization dedicated to elevating the commitment of schools to the values of scholarship, service, leadership and character.


At DAS all of our initiatives are driven toward our School Mission Statement and School Improvement Plan.

As part of our continuous improvement processes, for the 2019 – 2023 period, our school is committed to focus on the following priorities areas:

Improvement Priority #1: By the end of year five, we will have a strong program that provides resources to prevent and respond to child abuse, based on the implementation of policies and procedures that ensure a safe and protective environment.

Improvement Priority #2: By the end of year five, we will become a data-driven school by using results to make informed decisions about students’ action plan of growth.

Improvement Priority #3: By the end of year five, we will offer an ongoing Professional Development Program that aligns to the School’s Teaching and Learning Philosophy.

Additional School Improvement Areas

  • After School Programs: By the end of year five, we will have a strong and effective  afterschool program with active  engagement of students and  support of the full community.
  • Teaching & Learning: By the end of year five, students will be proactive and more independent  learners, driven by their personal goals. Teachers will focus on providing a high standard of education, hence increasing student  engagement.
  • School Climate & Culture: By the end of year five, we will have a fully integrated community that bases  relationships on constructive  communication, nurturing a positive atmosphere and learning environment.
  • Safety & Physical Plant: By the end of year five, the entire ICDA community will be committed to safety guidelines and procedures.
  • Administrative Processes and Communication: By the end of year five the school will have a formal and  reliable communication system  as well as consistent procedures to ensure school 
  • Leadership: By the end of year five, the Leadership Team will fortify the creation and monitoring of programs and actions taken to lead and carry out the school’s mission and goals.

Our school improvement is an ongoing process that involves the School Board, the School Leadership Team, the Student Council, the Parent Committee and the community at large. We invite you to approach us if you would like to know more about this process.