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The Domínico Americano School Celebrates the Graduation of the VENUS Class

On May 27th, in an emotional event filled with joy, the VENUS class celebrated their graduation, marking the end of one chapter and the beginning of exciting new adventures for these young people.

From the early afternoon hours, the atmosphere at the graduation venue was charged with anticipation and excitement. Family and friends gathered to support the graduates at this important milestone in their lives. Wearing their caps and gowns, the students of the VENUS class radiated pride and determination as they prepared to receive their diplomas.

The event was full of unforgettable moments, such as the recognitions of Salutatorian Samuel José Puello Vargas and Valedictorian David Leung Zhang, whom we congratulate for their outstanding performance during their academic period at our institution. Additionally, the hard work and dedication of all the graduates were highlighted, as well as the invaluable support of their loved ones throughout their academic journey. Laughter, tears of joy, and affectionate hugs were the backdrop to this very special evening.

Every photograph captured the palpable excitement in the air, from the graduates’ smiles to the moments shared between family and friends. The VENUS class once again demonstrated their ability to overcome challenges and achieve goals with determination and passion.

At the end of the ceremony, the graduates dispersed with a mix of nostalgia for the moments shared and excitement for what the future holds. The new graduates are ready to face the challenges ahead, confident in having received a quality education and the unconditional support of their loved ones.

From the event organizers to the proud teachers and parents, everyone came together to congratulate the graduates on this monumental achievement. Now, the world is ready for them to write their own success stories and continue pursuing their dreams with determination and enthusiasm.

Congratulations to the VENUS class, and may they continue to shine brightly on their path to the future!