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¡El Domínico Americano School celebrates Recognition I Can Read 2024!

The first-grade students of Domínico Americano School were recognized for their remarkable achievement in learning to read. The event, held on June 11th, brought together parents, teachers, and peers to celebrate the efforts and progress of the young readers.

Since the beginning of the school year, students have enthusiastically and determinedly dedicated themselves to acquiring reading skills in both English and Spanish, guided by the constant support of their teachers and the loving encouragement of their families. The graduation not only marked the end of an academic year but also a significant moment in the educational and personal development of these young learners.

During the ceremony, each student received a special diploma in recognition of their dedication and success in learning to read.

The ceremony concluded with applause and congratulations as the children celebrated with their diplomas in hand and hearts filled with satisfaction. With this memorable event, Domínico Americano School not only celebrated the end of a school year but also the promise and unlimited potential of each of its students.

Congratulations to our first-grade children for this incredible achievement! Welcome to second grade!