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Dominico Americano School Celebrates 8th Grade Graduation Titled Aim High!

On June 12th, Patrick N. Hughson witnessed an exciting moment with the graduation of the 8th grade class titled “Aim High!”, marking their transition to the next stage of their academic journey: high school. The ceremony, celebrated with enthusiasm and pride, marked the end of an important phase for the students and their families.

The event was filled with emotional moments as students reflected on their experiences in the completed stage and looked towards the future with hope and determination.

Principal Linda Mauad’s speech resonated with those present, welcoming everyone to the event and highlighting the collective achievements of the graduating class. The graduation also served as a tribute to the teachers and administrative staff who have guided and supported the students throughout their educational journey.

More than an academic event, the 8th grade graduation was a testament to personal growth and the limitless potential of a generation ready to conquer new horizons in high school education.