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Domínico Americano School celebrates 6th Grade Graduation titled Growing and Learning

At an emotional ceremony held on June 12th at the Patrick N. Hughson Auditorium, the 6th grade students took a significant step towards the future as they graduated and prepared to enter Middle School. Under the theme “Growing and Learning,” the graduates were recognized for their academic achievements, personal growth, and dedication to learning throughout their time in elementary school.

The event, filled with touching moments and inspiring speeches, highlighted both individual and collective progress of the students. The school principal, Linda Mauad, opened the ceremony with welcoming words to all in attendance that evening.

Clad in blue robes, the students received personalized certificates as their names echoed with pride and celebration. Parents and relatives erupted in applause and tears of joy as they watched their children cross the stage, symbolizing the transition to a new educational stage full of opportunities and challenges.

Among the highlights of the ceremony were the motivational speeches from outstanding students Mario Alejandro Abreu Monzón and Alex Alcántara Rodríguez, who expressed gratitude to the school community and encouraged their peers to embrace change with confidence and determination.

The 6th grade graduation not only marked the end of a chapter but also the exciting beginning of a new adventure in Middle School. Guided by the motto “Growing and Learning,” these young individuals are ready to face the future courageously, knowing they carry the support and memories of a school community that will always cheer them on towards success.